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 Are you ready to unlock your full potential and manifest your dreams into reality? 

My 1:1  “Empower your Life” coaching program combines the power of neuroscience, neuroplasticity, and neural manifestation with the principles of the law of attraction to help you transform your life from the inside out.

Over the course of 3 months, you'll receive personalized coaching and support to reprogram your subconscious mind, overcome limiting beliefs, and tap into your limitless potential. We'll work together to develop a positive self-image, increase your self-worth, and align your thoughts and actions with your deepest desires and core values.

With two 1:1 coaching sessions per month, along with powerful at-home exercises, meditations, and hypnosis sessions, you'll be well on your way to creating the life of your dreams. Whether you want to attract abundance, find your purpose, or achieve your biggest goals, my coaching program will help you get there.

Does this sound like you, (because it did sound like me alot) then this is the coaching program for you.

Are you struggling to make ends meet, feeling like you're not living up to your full potential, and struggling with low self-worth? 

I’ve been stuck in such a place for a very long time and thought that I could figure things out all by myself. The only thing I managed to figure out pretty well was to procrastinate and waste time pretending to have found solution where as all I was seeking was external validation on my non authentic decisions.


Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut, unable to break free from your current circumstances? 

Well that was me, for many years. Keeping busy and relevant so I could keep up with the labels and titles I was carrying. Working hard for no personal satisfaction doing jobs that others guided me to do and wasting so much time by not looking after what it was really meant for me.


With Empower Your Life you can finally take action towards the life you deserve. 


Now imagine waking up every day feeling confident, empowered, and in control of your life.

Imagine having the tools and strategies you need to achieve your goals, whether they be financial, personal, or professional. 

With the Empower Your Life program, you'll learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs, develop a growth mindset, and take consistent action towards creating the life you've always wanted.

If this excites you then keep on reading...

This program is designed to help you:

  • Harness the power of the law of attraction and neural manifestation

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind using the latest in neuroscience and neuroplasticity techniques

  • Overcome limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that hold you back

  • Develop a positive self-image and increase your self-worth

  • Align your thoughts and actions with your deepest desires

  • Find clarity, purpose, and fulfillment in your life


So if you're ready to transform your mindset and manifest your dreams into reality, let's work together to make it happen.

Here are just a few examples of the types of transformations you can expect from this private coaching program. 

One of our clients was struggling to surpass a certain amount of monthly income and had self worth issues that prevented him from working more seriously towards his side business. Through our coaching program we worked together on his money beliefs and by developing tools he managed to triple his income and become this more calm and full of purpose version of himself.

Another client was working on a full time well paid corporate job that was no longer exciting them and had completely lost interest but kept in the game because they were afraid to listen to their gut instinct and start their own business. After completing the program they found the strength to realise what the true calling was and by following a structure and set of tools we put together they left their full time job and worked on building their dream business and also finding love on the way. 

If you're ready to take control of your life and start living up to your full potential, then this private coaching program is the solution you've been looking for.

Don't let your limiting beliefs and negative self-talk hold you back any longer - sign up for our program today and start creating the life you deserve!

We will work together on raising your self worth, reprogramming your limiting beliefs with the use of neuroplasticity so you can live an empowered life.

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Book the 3 month program NOW

Pay in Full and SAVE $461

The program includes:

6 private coaching video calls ( 2 private video calls per month )

3 workbooks to be completed at your own time with Kassi’s guidance

3 meditations / hypnosis tailored to the program and your needs. One for each month of the program

3 mantras / affirmation playlist tailored to your needs, that you can listen daily to bring you back on the abundance mindset

 Forever access to the Empower Your Life Private Facebook group and the Free Manifestation lessons

Access to a supportive and like minded international community

Kassi’s favourite book list for self development


Pay in Full and save $461