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About me1
Oxendales Grand Canal-0062

Hi, I'm Kassi your neuroscience and manifestation coach, and my mission is to help you live an effortless and abundant life manifesting all your dreams and desires.

From a very early age, I remember myself empowering and always motivating my friends and family to do what they wished for and to follow their passion. I have always been a believer that all humans are meant to follow their dreams and live their life according to their true desires, and life values.

However, the way our society is built and the way we’re all programmed from the day we’re born can stop us from truly following our dreams. It could be fear, society’s standards, or family beliefs, that are holding us back. Somehow this is how my story starts as I was also part of this pre-programmed life.

Coming from Greece, at the age of 18, I decided to go to the UK to study Business and Marketing, following an MA in Marketing, which led me to work in big corporate companies climbing slowly the career ladder as the years progressed. This was what everyone around me was doing so I followed the norm. It took me about 10 years to actually start finding my own voice and to understand that my own values were not reflected in my everyday life so I decided that the career I was pursuing was not something I had wished for.  

My personal search for a deeper understanding of oneself and finding my purpose in life led me to discover what has been so transparent to others but not to myself all these years.

The desire to help, support, and positively influence people to be happier, more fulfilled, and aligned by finding their true potential in life has become my new purpose.

Once I discovered this then happiness, joy, and peace were revealed to me.

My passion for helping others and seeing them grow and develop is my mission.

Working with me you’ll find ways and tools to help support your brain’s neuroplasticity creating new neuropathways to support your new ideas and empowering your beliefs to achieve them.

Using your 3 brains, head, heart, and gut to help you move forward following the whole system Integrated with Neuroscience methods you’ll gain,

Clarity - Alignment of your goals - Focus - Empowerment

or whatever else you wish to work on.


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